Automated pH balanced manufacturing of Hypochlorous acid-based disinfectant - (20th April 2020 - 20th DECEMBER 2020):

A Covid-19 Project with £51000.00 funding

Aqualution Systems Ltd are the global leaders in the hypochlorous acid (HoCl) revolution. Their biocide products represent a new era in health and hygiene that harnesses HoCl, a highly effective weak acid that is naturally present in the human immune system. Aqualution products are safe for humans, animals, and the environment, and are used by hospitals, food producers, horticulturists, vets, and farmers to improve hygiene, healthcare and animal welfare, fight infection, and enhance food and flower shelf life.

Aqualution contacted Edinburgh Innovations (EI) via AIMday (Manufacturing). As a result of the AIMday workshop and rapid demand of disinfectant manufacturing during the COVID19 pandemic enabled me (Leading as Principal Investigator) along with Dr Adam Stokes as Co-I to propose this project which was subsequently funded by EPSRC IAA. The aim of this project is to help Aqualution systems automate their disinfectant manufacturing process and scale up production.