Dr Faiz Iqbal
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I am a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at School of Engineering, The University of Edinburgh. Working in robotics for extreme environments with the Soft Systems Group. The Group primarily focuses on a broad range of bio-inspired engineering approaches in solving some of the most challenging issues the society faces.

Apart from research I have been a keen cricket follower for a very long time now, have also played at college level. And after cricket comes food, love cooking and exploring new cuisines hence the epicure. 🙂

Project: Design and Development of CNC BEMRF systems

Ball end magnetorheological finishing (BEMRF) is a novel method for nano-finishing of ferromagnetic as well as nonmagnetic materials. With increasing demands of precision finished products in various markets, the quality of surface finish and production rate are of prime importance. For products having complex geometries, this need intensifies as the manual finishing methods are incapable of producing uniform finish throughout the complex geometry of the surface. This project achieved the finishing of 3D surfaces by developing five-axis CNC BEMRF machine tool in a fully automated manner such that a uniform finish is obtained throughout the workpiece. This eliminates the labour-intensive efforts and the subjective errors involved in manual finishing operations and increases the production rate of the finished products. A customized five-axis CNC controller is developed that enables the sequential and precise control of motion as well as process parameters in the BEMRF machine.


Work done at IIT Delhi under supervision of Professor Sunil Jha

Work done at IIT Delhi under supervision of Professor Sunil Jha